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tv program in chilhood memories


TV program

When I was child, I liked sailormoon, girl heros from japan (hahaha its cartoon made by Japan). My favourite was not Usagi but Venus sailor. Usagi as luna sailor, if usagi has Luna( luna is a cat who has black colour ) n Venus sailor (minako) has white cat. But in Junior High school I changed my favourite, I like usage much, cos she has mamoru,, may be in junior I have know about Love (hahaha), my nice memories, when I was child actually I couldnt watching sailormoon cos my brother was watching doraemoon, yeh doraemon ( magic robot who can take a thing in his pocket) n sailormoon was one program in same time but in different chanel, doraemoon in RCTI n sailoormoon in INDOSIAR.

So nice to has that’s memories, when watched together with my friends, when tv was a special thing. N where is my friends now? Hmmm many of them has merried

minako in right n usagi in leftthis s pic from here

n he is mamoru


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  1. Invincible Tetik berkata:

    Taksido is very handsome

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