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my favourite fashion


Talking about fashion…. Ohhhh my God.. I m like old lady if I see the new fashion,,, I search some of fashion blog… I look hot chocolate & mint ….. this s girls blog but this s not my type of clothes but I like to see, so uniqe n colorfull.

successful blog, diana is owner this blog , her style made me thinking she is be her self in her blog. i m jelouse when saw her blog.

n I look other blog who wearing hijab , I got 2 blogs, ones is gaidha blog. Who don’t know her? She is one of aa’gym children. the name of gaidha”s blog is GDa’s Gallery.

N other blog is style covered. I like their clothes to simple n closed. her styel is cool

N talking about shoes, I found wonder…., cool shoes,

I like type of this shoes, please give me one… hahahaha but my problem is budget. How can I got the budget??? Hmm I must thinking seriously for this, hehehehe….. i like the blue ones, its so cool shoes, not so formal n not so girly. if u wanna to see the shop online of wonder, click here

talking about clothes online shop, i found in facebook, the name is gowigasa. Gowigasa sell some clothes, many of clothes for girl without hijab. but i m shock when saw for clothes with hijab. before found their facebook, i never see a online facebook shop who sell beautiful n cute muslim clothes.

i like this s shop, muslim clothes in their facebook is cool. simple n trendy (heheheh)

why i like their blog n online shop? cos showed young age with clothes. some of muslim clothes, sometime make me look so older from my age. But if i m using some of clothes, i should so my style, not other style, eventhought in same clothes,


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