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hmm still photoshop , again n again

ok its from 2 pictures actually

ok i will show 2 different picture

the basic of lesson in this s picture, i study just to copy pic 1 onto picture 2. so easy . happy egg day. cos my menu is omlet with cabbage n chili. so deliciouse… hmmm,

this s day, i made 2 picture from 4 picture, the lesson of part 3 is combained 2 picture n also combained the color of 2 picture, so the color picture will same color with background.

hehehe i changed picture in US dollar. thats korean actor. n this s my idea with other picture

n in this s picture, i changed Rain(also korean actor with other korean actor face) hahaha, i have idea to change that s girl picture with my face but my honey will complain . u wanna if i changed thats pic with our face. hehehe crazy idea. peace.

strange picture result, actually in book they combained eiffel picture n gorila picture, but i want my idea, not book idea. so i got strange picture. hahaha thats gorila destroy the lighthouse, hehehhe.

happy jelly day cos this s day i have ate jelly, green jelly with coconut milk. so delicious. hahay

actually i want to make ahadow of dog, cos second lesson in book is make shadow. so it s my dog shadow

hihihi may be not so good, i m still in prosses . ok the shadow is not like dog shadow, hahaha

enjoy your day 🙂


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